Our Strengths

Our award-winning associates; producers, directors, designers, can create a unique style and sensibility for each project, pooling their varied backgrounds and expertise to form a dynamic, collaborative team including concept development, storyboarding, art direction, production management, script development, writing, production, locations, crews and lighting.

Our Code of Ethics

"Conduct of Business", 2020 Films adheres to a strict policy of generating profits while following the principles of this Policy. The Company believes its dealings with alll business associates, employees, clients and persons are honest, and ethical.

This company also has the "Charity" policy, that 15% (Fifteen percent) of company actual profits will be donated to charity, and or charitable organazations, and/or people in need at the discretion of 2020 Films Inc.

Our Mission

2020 Films' mission is simple, to produce the best quality entertainment in a wide variety of genres, and bring the best quality of entertainment to the public. 2020 Films also strives to be a haven for independent film-makers everywhere. 2020 Films continues making historical and landmark contributions to the art of moviemaking, to produce the best quality films and entertainment. We accomplish our independence in films and entertainment by not being part of a large corporation. With a bright future, 2020 Films continues its mission to bring great entertainment to the public.

Completion of Book, "The Spirit Stills Storms"
"Book" Web Site

Write Screenplay, "Heaven's Perfect Hour" Based on Sam Lien Le's book "The Spirit Stills Storms"

"Spirit" Web Site (Amazon Kindle)

Filming of Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye Web Site

Filming of Yangtze Brotherhood
Yangtze Jade Web Site


2020 Films Inc., has ownership of intellectual properties, and is the copyright claimant of screenplays. 2020 Films Inc. has licensed the Library of Congress to freely distribute its collection on a not-for-profit basis

Heaven's Perfect Hour (trailer)

Summer singing Summertime

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